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A Lithia, FL will attorney from Morton Law Firm LLC can help you plan your future, but what happens if you die without leaving behind a will? Read on to learn more about the importance of wills and trusts, and get in touch with our office for a free consultation.Will Lawyer Lithia, FL with a will, pen and glasses lying on a wooden table

Why Do I Need A Will?

A will is an important set of instructions for your family and friends to follow after your death. Your will also includes a list of all your assets – everything you’ve worked hard to build for yourself, from your property to your investments. Your will dictates who gets what, and when.

Having a will is a necessity. After your death, your family and friends shouldn’t have to fight with each other over whatever you’re leaving behind. A will provides instructions and a way forward, and may answer some questions your loved ones may have about your assets. But if you die without leaving behind a will, it may mean trouble for those you care about.

What Happens If I Don’t Leave Behind A Will?

If you die without leaving behind a will, your assets will need to be divided and distributed one way or another. Your house won’t automatically change hands, and neither will your collections, investments, and debts. Unfortunately, without a will, the state will have to get involved.

One of the more important aspects of creating a will is naming an executor. An executor is a trusted individual that you can rely on to carry out all the instructions in your will. They’re usually a close family member or other trusted relation, and if all goes according to plan, the executor will act out your instructions to make sure everyone gets what they’re supposed to get.

However, if you don’t leave behind a will, you’re not leaving behind instructions at all – and you’re not naming an executor either. This means the court will decide who will be in charge of managing your estate, and that person will be able to choose what happens to all your assets.

The Problem With The State’s Choice

More often than not, the state will choose a close family member to manage your estate. This is usually your spouse, a sibling, or one of your children at legal age. This sounds like a workable decision, but the state may not be completely up-to-speed about your family’s internal politics. In fact, the state may choose an ex-spouse or an estranged son or daughter, which opens the door to plenty of disputes and drama throughout the whole process.

How can you avoid this problem? By creating a will. However, drafting your own will isn’t so easily done. It’s always best to contact a Lithia will attorney to make sure your will is as bulletproof as it should be.

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At Morton Law Firm LLC, we understand the importance of creating a will. We also understand that navigating the legal complexities of creating a will can be confusing and frustrating. That’s why we’re here to help.

Creating a will is an important step when it comes to planning your future. Without a will, your family and friends may end up infighting and arguing when they should be focusing on their grief and moving forward after your death. Get in touch with us today, and see how a Lithia will attorney from our office can help you get started.

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