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Power Of Attorney Lawyer Lithia, FL

Power Of Attorney Lawyer

Our Lithia, FL power of attorney lawyer can help you plan for your future. The team at Morton Law Firm, LLC is standing by to answer your questions and help you map out your tomorrow. Read on to learn more about why you should create a power of attorney, and get in touch with our office today for a free consultation.Power Of Attorney Lawyer Lithia, FL with a group of people in suits reviewing documents on a table

What Is A Power Of Attorney?

A power of attorney is an important legal document that grants a trusted person the power to act on your behalf. Someone who has been granted power of attorney is able to make decisions for you when you’re no longer able to do so. This is especially important if your family has a history of mental illness or neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Creating a power of attorney is an important part of estate planning. If you’re no longer able to care for yourself, and you don’t trust yourself to make responsible legal or financial decisions in the future, it’s a good idea to name someone trustworthy and responsible to take over.

A Lithia power of attorney lawyer from Morton Law Firm, LLC can help you plan for the worst. Even if your family doesn’t have a history of mental illness, it’s a good idea to create a power of attorney in case of accidents or serious medical problems.

A power of attorney means your legal decisions will be managed by someone you trust. But people don’t exist in a vacuum. Chances are, you have family depending on you, whether they’re children, elderly parents, or adult relatives with disabilities. Fortunately, an attorney from our office can help you establish guardianship as well.

What Is Guardianship?

If you are currently caring for family members, it’s important to make plans for when you’re no longer around for them. Much like a power of attorney, guardianship comes into effect when you’re incapacitated – but unlike a power of attorney, guardianship strictly deals with your dependents.

A guardian is named to take care of your loved ones after your death or incapacitation. There are two types of guardianship: Guardianship of the person, and guardianship of the estate. Depending on the situation, you may need one or both.

Guardianship of the person is what most people think of: Someone who is named guardian of the person is responsible for the care and wellbeing of a person. This means if you have children or disabled relatives, the guardian will take over your responsibilities when you’re deceased or otherwise incapacitated.

On the other hand, guardianship of the estate strictly deals with the finances and material estate. If your dependents aren’t of legal age, you can name a guardian of the estate to care for your assets until your dependents are old enough to take over – or, assuming you’ve included a clause for it, until your dependents are old enough to handle your estate responsibly.

Planning for your future goes beyond just wills and trusts. Get in touch with Morton Law Firm, LLC today.

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At Morton Law Firm, LLC, we understand the importance of planning your future. If you need help creating a power of attorney, or you just need more information about how you can manage a living trust, we’re here for you. Contact us today to get in touch with a Lithia power of attorney lawyer from our office.

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