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Lithia Will Lawyer

Will Lawyer Lithia, FL

Will Lawyer Lithia, FL with a will, pen and glasses lying on a wooden tablePlanning for what happens to your assets after passing away is an essential aspect of estate planning that a Lithia, FL will lawyer is available to assist clients with. Of course, imagining no longer being present with your loved ones is not the most appealing thing to think about. However, if you do not plan ahead time for your estate, then it can fall into the hands of probate. Probate is a court-overseen process of transferring your wealth based on state intestacy law. Many people prefer to avoid probate so the court system does not have a say in whom and which assets are distributed. At Morton Law Firm, we can discuss how to effectively write a will and then take steps to prevent probate. We are happy to guide you in devising a comprehensive estate plan.

Consider Avoiding Probate

Based on your circumstances and wishes, you may be able to keep your estate from going through probate at all. For instance, some estates are of a modest value and probate may not be required. And each state will have various guidelines on which estates undergo probate, and which do not. If you have questions about estate planning, a Lithia will lawyer is glad to help. By having a legally-binding estate plan, you can avoid having your estate be put through probate. If you are concerned about this happening to your assets, we can surely share strategies that are effective in bypassing the probate process.

Probate and Your Property

It’s important to know that a will in itself does not prevent probate. So if probate does happen with your estate, there are specific items that are exempt. Real estate with a transfer-on-deed often do not get involved in probate, and may instead be distributed to a beneficiary without delay. Additionally, if you have a joint bank account with someone else, this may not undergo probate either. Your lawyer can provide more insight on probate and which property is exempt after learning more about your estate and which assets you are intent on protecting.

Multiple Probate Processes

Let’s say you have property in more than one state, this may mean that your estate goes through multiple probate processes. Probate typically needs to occur in the same state and county where the deceased owns property. More than one probate may be required to transfer property to beneficiaries and close the estate. If you are an executor of someone’s estate and have questions about probate or following the wishes of a will, please consider speaking with a member of our team for support.

Morton Law Firm

Probate can turn into a lengthy and expensive process that frustrates beneficiaries who are in the midst of their grief or may be in need of their inheritance for monetary reasons. As a Lithia will lawyer has observed, many clients prefer to have the court not make decisions for the assets they have accrued over the course of their lifetime. If you are one of these people and want to safeguard your estate from probate, then give us a call at Morton Law Firm as soon as you are ready to get started. Whether you need to draft or edit a will, establish a trust, or another estate-planning task, we are here to help.

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