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Lithia Power Of Attorney Lawyer

Lithia Power Of Attorney Lawyer

Trust Lawyer Lithia, FL with a couple sitting across from a lawyer reviewing a documentIf you are wondering what happens to your affairs if you are suddenly incapacitated or unable to take care of yourself, then we suggest talking with a Lithia, FL power of attorney lawyer. A power of attorney is an influential document that allows someone else to make legal or health-related choices on your behalf. So as you can imagine, this person should be an individual you trust to act with diligence and respect, since they may potentially hold an important role in your affairs if you are unexpectedly not able to. There are different types of power of attorney, so it’s best to learn more about them over a consultation with us at Morton Law Firm, and then we can suggest which to utilize based on your needs and preferences. Please be forewarned, that if you make an error in regards to your power of attorney, it could render their duties void. Do not hesitate to contact our team for assistance.

Types of Power of Attorney

In the state of Florida, you may enforce a limited or special power of attorney if there is a certain action (or series of actions) that you want another person to handle if you are unable. For instance, if you are in the middle of buying a house and are suddenly not available, your power of attorney could finalize this transaction. You can precisely list which actions you grant them to perform for however long you want them to have the ability to. A general power of attorney essentially gives your appointed person the power to act in all financial and legal decisions for you while the paperwork is in effect. Comparatively, a durable power of attorney comes into effect if you become incapacitated. Due to the nuances between each type of power of attorney, we strongly suggest getting help from a Lithia power of attorney lawyer before proceeding. Once we talk with you further about your needs and preferences, we can offer individualized guidance at that time.

Support From a Lawyer

It cannot be emphasized enough just how imperative it is to have your documents reviewed by a lawyer before officially establishing them. Your power of attorney has to comply with law for the state of Florida and it is ill-advised that you attempt to do this alone. You may accidentally miss a critical provision that ends up making your wishes ineffective. If the moment arrives when you are not available or incapacitated, any mistakes on your power of attorney could prevent grant of authority to the person of your choosing. If you have questions or concerns about who or how to grant someone this responsibility, then contact a Lithia power of attorney lawyer as soon as you can. Our team at Morton Law Firm has extensive insight into all things power of attorney, so your inquiries are welcome. Please contact our law office at your next convenience so we can learn more about how best to assist you. We hope to hear from you today.

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